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Coal Trading

With a huge number of coal traders and high demand around us, PT Gistrav Niaga Energy positioned itself as a reliable coal trader and shipper in the domestic and international fields. We are serving a diverse range of customers. We are developing a good reputation and accountability in the industry, every product that we distribute to our customers will pass through several phases of quality control, to ensure consistency in quality.

Coal Concetion

PT Gistrav Niaga Energy is committed to do sustainable growth and enhancing our value. We will always continue to pursue opportunities to expand our operations and grow the coal reserves through strategic acquisitions or integration.

Our Product

Low Rank Coal
Lignite and sub-bituminous

Lignite and sub-bituminous type coal are classified as low rank coal with RV <= 0.5%. Physically low rank coal has dull brown color or usually known as brown coal. By its nature, low rank coal is easy to burn, easy to destroy, and has high reactivity and porosity.

Medium Rank Coal

Medium rank coal has RV around 0.5% to 2.0%. Physically this kind of coal has shiny black color or known as black coal. Medium rank coal has better quality thank low rank with low flammable level, not easy to absorb water; also, the reactivity and porosity are relatively low.

High Rank Coal

On the RV basis, high rank coal has an RV around 2,0% to 6.0%. This kind of coal has shining black color to silvery. By the character, high rank coal has the best weather resistance and the strongest among the others. It also has lowest flammable level, low water content, and the lowest reactivity and porosity among the others.

“Sustainability Strategy to Leading the Future”

Our Suistainbility Commitment

Our mission of contributing to Indonesia’s economic development and improved quality of life for millions of Indonesians can only be meaningful if it embraces responsible environmental, social and governance practices