Company Sustainability

“Sustainability Strategy to Leading the Future”

PT Gistrav Niaga Energy has an important role to run sustainability in Indonesia and spans various fields where we operate. We have arranged the policies to guide various aspects of our operations to make certain the effectivity of the implementation of our commitment to sustainability. It has to continue to have a positive and best impact on our environment and people around our field.

We are admitting that we are in a field that has risky operations. However, trading coal and concessions also brings benefits to the people and improves the living standards in our nation. We are protecting our workers through the strict execution of health and safety measures. However, research and experiments already taught us how to minimize the impacts and return to our environment. To secure the sustainability of our future, it all combines knowledge, experience, and skills to handle it effectively and the willingness to spend resources to act responsibly.

Sustainability in a company is an effort to harmonize economic, environmental, and social aspects. Sustainable development is a media for PT Gistrav Niaga Energy to show related information about our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. Along with our commitment to conducting a sustainable business, we try to deliver information and data to make everyone know about our program.