About us

PT Gistrav Niaga Energy, established in 2022 that deals downstream of coal trading and concession, one of the major competitive coal trading company and coal concession that is the best company under Gistrav Corporation. Our team consists of experienced resource executives and is directed and supported by people in charge with a wide range of experience across the resource spectrum.

PT Gistrav Niaga Energy focus on trade and coal concessions, so we have great integrity in the experience and the development of the company’s business. Our objective is to maximize value to its shareholders through exploration, development or commercialization of opportunities in base and precious coals within Indonesia.

PT Gistrav Niaga Energy is supplying coal products to companies with various purposes. We are positioning ourselves as one of the leading coal trading and concession companies by continuing to build alliances of cooperation with partners in domestic and foreign parties. We are supplying coal products to companies with various purposes. Our concentration in market development, network development with our partner, and coal trading are supporting the development of our company.

The company seeks to manage operations effectively on transporting and concession the matter, improve people development. The health and well-being of our people is central to our approach to business and we are committed to ensuring we maintain a safe workplace for our employees. We are creating working environment in accordance with the vision and mission of our company.

PT Gistrav Niaga Energy based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Business Permit

PT Gistrav Niaga Energy is focusing on trading, shipping, and coal concession. The company is officially registered and have Letter of Statement from Ministry of Law and Human Rights about Ratification of the Establishment of a Limited Liability Company Legal Entity with serial number AHU-0209034.AH.01.11.T  on October 19th, 2022. We have Business Identification Number for trading, shipping, and coal concession on 2110220082338.


Become the best coal trading and concession in Indonesia and leading around the world.


  • Conduct business with high integrity
  • Aligning all the business development to substantiate the company’s growth
  • Build alliances of cooperation with partners in domestic and foreign parties
  • Strong work culture and ethic
  • Actively developing worker’s skill and knowledge

Core Values


Loyalty stands for commitment and dedication to the other vision and mission. The key to loyalty is integrity and consistent. The


We are responsible for being trustworthy and committed to carry out our duties as a big company. It is an important thing to build a positive and supportive work environment. We are treating everyone the same to build strong reputation.


We are guiding beliefs and principles that influence our work behavior. There always be value in what we do for everyone. Good work ethics, professional and safe look; accountability, responsibility, and work that match the standard will show our professionalism.


We are on track with our work objectives and always follow through the commitments. We can show our dependability that will lead to more advanced and challenging projects that will advance our skills. challenge is never to give up on our future.


When errors and mistakes made, we have to be clear about them. Being accountable does not mean being perfect, it means being perfectly realistic and transparent about what happened with our work. We are holding each other to account for our success.


Synergy is the effective communication and teamwork; it is about how we treasure our difference and respecting each other. We are working together effectively between individual and group and always remind each other to maintain the good relationship between everyone.